Lifrancis Rojas

Venezuelan born, Lifrancis Rojas creates her works full of textures, movement and vibrant colors.  The presence of spirals as a symbol of transformation, balance and feminine energy play their role with streaks of colors and a wake of flowing paint, sometimes hidden under dotted surfaces resembling sheer lace that draws us closer to discover what is hidden beneath.

Lifrancis has lived in different countries, settling in Weston, Florida since year 2000.  She has a Bachelor degree in Business and Finance, and an Internet Marketing Certification however She is dedicated full time to the Art.  She has been chosen as a feature artist for the Miami Art and Business Council in 2016, She has participated in more than forty five group exhibits, juried shows and international art fairs from West Palm Beach to Miami.

“Art is not only colors and forms, it is also texture that makes us remember the feeling of the sand under our feet, warm ocean water on our skin, the rough touch of a tree trunk and the crunchiness of the dry leaves on an autumn play date afternoon.  Everything fuses to trick our minds and take us to our dreams, memories and wishes”

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