Kahra Keyes

Kahra is a unique, multi-dimensional artist set to break limitations to set new standards for the possibilities of creative individuals. Among many talents, Kahra is a recording artist, singer, songwriter, visual artist, actor, model, & dancer. Kahra enjoys playing piano, guitar, harmonica, flute, media show hosting, painting live, painting & singing live, photography, & interior design. "Being a creator of the arts is essential to my soul's happiness and fulfillment" she lovingly insists. Kahra has sang on stages across South Florida. She has written over 300 songs, released albums on iTunes, design her album cover artwork, and has recently captured the title of Miss Florida US Nation 2014. Kahra also enjoys shooting, directing, & editing music videos. Kahra now has 12 music videos on her YouTube Channel. "In today's market, diversity is a necessity & Kahra's got IT". www.youtube.com/kahramusic. www.kahramusic.com. kahramusic@gmail.com

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