John Cooke

Artist Statement

We are made up of particles and forces – photons, leptons, quarks, gluons. Our interactions with each other and with nature give rise to feelings, expressions, visions, art. Painting for me is a meditative mediation of science and spirit, nature and nurture, play and purpose. From the bag of emotions available when I paint I try to use joy, wonder, curiosity, sarcasm. I enjoy the tension between serious & subversive, perception & deception. A monkey taking a selfie, a beluga teasing children, the sideways tilt of a dog’s head, that look the cat gives you – these evocations of the cosmic I attempt to convey in my art.

We all have a point of view, mine is slightly askew.

Artist’s Biography

In 1992 John B Cooke IV was younger, still learning about life and living in an apartment in Richmond, Virginia. It all started with the new living room furniture (sofa and love seat) he and his partner had just bought. Once they had it in the apartment, they realized they needed a nice, large piece of artwork for over the sofa. Shopping for just the right thing became quite a task as they didn’t have a lot of money, the couch had a southwestern motif in the fabric, and all the paintings they saw that they liked were extremely expensive. The ones that they could afford looked as if drunken monkeys had painted them.
So after a few too many shopping trips coming home empty handed and too many weekends watching PBS, Mr. Cooke thought that he could paint at least as well as a

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