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Jody Leshinsky

Born and raised in a seaside town 50 minutes from Manhattan, Jody Leshinsky was always surrounded by family, friends and the arts. Jody always found a need to document the events that shaped her life so that she could look back and remember. Armed with a Brownie camera and then a Kodak Instamatic camera in the 60s, she eventually graduated to a Canon AE1 in the 80s, a digital Sony in the 90s and now a Nikon D40 and D60 In 2008, Jody was coaxed into a year-long experiment by her best friend. Project 365 is a blog that challenged her into making photographs on a daily basis and selecting the Photo of the Day to upload and blog about. She continues this blog today. The end result was discovering that there is always a photograph; you just have to see life through the lens of a camera. She sees the interaction of elements from several points of view and is able to isolate and magnify their existence. Jody’s personal, artistic and professional life has converged, melding her love of visual arts, music, dance, and theater. To Jody, the right moment is always right now, so that is why her camera is always within arm’s reach in order to capture it and freeze it for now and forever.

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