Heather Calderon

Artist Heather Calderon Biography

I am originally from Longmont, CO with strong family ties to Albuquerque, NM. I grew up with two passions, from an early age; music and art. After studying classical piano for 12 years, at age 16, I  decided to pursue art only, leaving music as a hobby. After holding various waitress jobs, at age 24, I found a job, copying another artist’s work on needlepoint designs, It was through this job, I learned how to paint. I took my new skill of painting and began creating my own pieces. It was in 2006, at age 27 that skeletons began making an appearance in my work. Beginning with a small skeleton tucked in a corner of a landscape, skeletons quickly became the subject of my paintings. After creating a series of skeleton paintings in 2010, I was given the title of “Day of the Dead” artist. It is a combination of reasons, the fascination with skeletons; the earliest being a childhood experience when my face was x-rayed because of chronic sinus infections and I saw my own skull. In 2011, I relocated to South Florida with my children to join the love of my life. I currently resided in Margate, FL and I am happily married.


Artist Heather Calderon Mission Statement:  

“I paint skeletons because I believe it is my calling in life.  I get endless visions of skeletons and I paint them; one by one.  I hope to capture our human experience in this work and to reveal the underlying love that connects us all.”

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