Georgeta Fondos

Georgeta Fondos is an emerging artist who received her MFA from Florida Atlantic University in 2008 and has shown her artwork in group exhibitions including Florida Craftsmen Gallery, St. Petersburg; Gallery Camino Real, Boca Raton; Brevard Art Museum, Melbourne, and FAT Village, Fort Lauderdale. She is the recipient of numerous awards, such as Best in Show Award – Sculpture and 3D Category at ArtFlorida Exhibition, Freedland, Esther Rothenberger, and Onlee Awards, and the Public Art Projects – the Dome in Rotunda Mural (2009) and the East Curved Wall (2011) at the Lauderhill City Hall. Georgeta immigrated to the US in 2003 after receiving arts education at schools in Moldova, Romania and Greece. She has been an artist muralist since then, practicing residential and public mural painting along with her explorations in fibers.

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