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Ethridge Glenn Lovett

Professional Artist/Author, Ethridge Glenn  Lovett graduated from Pompano Senior High School in 1979.  He was awarded the ‘Most Artistic of his Graduating Class in 1979’ for high scores in English and all phases of Art [drawing, painting, sculpturing and technical drawing].  After graduating from high school, Lovett joined the United States Army to serve as a Specialist 4 infantry soldier, learning the skill of Radio Teletype Operator. He did so well in the field that he gained a Top Secret Clearance in the handling of Authentication table communication. During his tenure at Fort Hood Texas, Lovett’s commanding first sergeant noticed his artist talent. He requested that Lovett paint a wall mural in the main conference room to boost company morale. Lovett painted a striking wall mural that drew the attention of high ranking brass such as Four Star General Shoemaker. After seeing the mural, General Shoemaker met with Lovett to tell him that he will be retrained and serve as an 81-Echo Illustrator for the US Army. After Illustration training, Lovett was stationed in Camp Casey, Korea as an Illustrator and Radio Teletype Operator, winning many awards for his art and communication skills. Lovett painted morale boosting murals in Fort Gordon – Georgia, Fort Hood – Texas, and Camp Casey – Korea.  Lovett received many prestigious military awards for his artwork, and overall military service.

After serving America, Lovett was hired by Broward County Libraries Division as a Libra

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