Denise Valentin

For me, my life changed in 2015.  My husband gave me a camera to help get me doing something I liked to do (nature photography) and to bring some happiness back into my life. In March 2015, I was taken by a friend to a local wetland park and fell in love with the wetlands and its inhabitants. Being out in the wilds of Florida helps to ground me and give me inner peace. The pictures I choose to share and sell are based upon the feeling I get from the composition of the picture. For me, balance and beauty are key to all my photographs.

I want to share the beauty of the Florida wetlands and beaches with everyone. I am self-teaching myself about wildlife and habitat conservation and hope to get more involved in conservation in and around Florida. My other favorite place to visit and photograph are the 5 National Parks in Southern Utah and will include at my guest artist show some pictures from my latest visit. I also have a trip planned in November to take pictures of the birds and landscapes of Costa Rica.

Through the University of Florida, I am working to get my Florida Master Naturalist certification and hope to have that completed by the end of the year. I am also looking to join the Audubon Society’s Bird Steward program.  For me, photographing nature and wildlife is my passion, and though I started out late doing this, I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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