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Dave Rosenthal

Artist Statement:    “Bringing your World to Life…Through the Power and Emotion of Imagery and Sound”

Dave Rosenthal is a Multidisciplinary Artist specializing in Fine Art Photography, Original Music Composition, Sound Design and Post Production Audio for the Multimedia market. He has described himself as a self professed “Light and Sound Wave Chaser” most of his life. Fascinated by the impact our human visual and auditory senses have on our emotional experiences…and perception of art. Especially when combined…

A recent addition to his portfolio has been the introduction of interdisciplinary fine art pieces combining stunning fine art photography with unique tones and music written specifically for each image. The net result is artwork that transforms you…to feel what it was like to be there, at that moment, capturing the photograph. Each limited edition piece is delivered with both the image and sound combined as one unified piece of art.


  • These are examples of interdisciplinary art work combining my fine art photography and specific tones, sounds and music I have written into a single, unified art pieces that transform help you feel what it was like, at that moment, to be there capturing the photograph. WATCH FULL SCREEN & USE GOOD SPEAKERS OR HEADPHONES IF YOU WANT THE FULL IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE!!! This is part of my Interdisciplinary Photographic and Sound Performance series called “2 Sense” that explores the impact of how human visual and auditory senses contribute to our emotional experience and perception of art. It is available as a limited edition 48” x 32” print, on metal, via a Dye Sublimation process that yields brilliant colors and deep impactful blacks. And yes, it includes the associated original Music score I have specifically written for this Image. Please feel free to email me with questions, about other options, etc. at

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