Damira Feldman

Damira Feldman

Nationally and Internationally recognized pianist, Damira Feldman was born in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, and started studying piano at the age of ten, at the just opened music school of her native town Urussu, Republic of Tatarstan.
Ms. Feldman entered the legendary School for the gifted children at the Kazan State Conservatory at the age of 14, where she studied under Professor Marina Sucharenko, a former pupil of Professor Yakov Zac.
Her debut as a soloist with the Kazan Symphony Orchestra at the young age of 15 was broadcast by a very popular television program, “New Stars.”
Ms. Feldman attended the Kazan State Conservatory (Republic of Tatarstan, Russia). She studied at the class of Professor Natalia Fomina, a former pupil of Professor Heinrich Neuhaus.
She was awarded the Diploma with Honors from the Kazan State Conservatory of Music and was recommended to continue for a Doctorate in the Performing Arts and Pedagogy.
After graduating with a degree as “Soloist and Leader of an Orchestra, Piano Teacher and Chamber Orchestra Musician”, Ms. Feldman began her career as a piano teacher at the Kazan Academy, while also performing as a piano soloist with the Kazan Symphony Orchestra.

In 1993 Ms. Feldman left the musical world and her home country to pursue a new career in international business in the Holy Land of Israel.

In 2001 destiny presented Ms. Feldman with a new opportunity and she moved to the United States. In h

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