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Christina Lihan

Christina Lihan, Artist Bio

Florida-based sculptor, Christina Lihan creates intricate and highly detailed pieces using paper as her medium. She hand cuts, folds, scores and carves layers and layers of all white paper. Shadow and light become characters in the pieces: whether it is light filtering through suspended compositions or lit from below to enhance shadow and form in a recent installation. Labor intensive, her process is meditative and one of discovery for herself as well as the viewer. Her work employs the language and metaphors of architecture. An aesthetic and conceptual discussion is carried on through a subtle and rigorous understanding of these elements, as well as introducing questions from a social justice perspective.

She is educated with a B.S. in Architecture from the University of Virginia and a Masters in Architecture from Columbia University. This education, and practicing as an architect for 15 years influence her forms, composition, technique and illusion of depth. Utilizing perspective and scale, she creates a sense of place in her pieces. Her work is also influenced by living in Paris, London, San Francisco and New York City, studying the architecture and streetscapes. Lately, Ms. Lihan has an interest in highly industrialized structures. What is their influence on and manipulation of the natural landscape, the harmful effects on the environment?

Ms. Lihan was recently awarded site-specific large commission sculptures for a brand new hotel in the hear

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