Carmen Garzon

Teacher Information: I have been dancing all my life. I started with formal training as a young girl in ballet & flamenco. In my twenties I studied Martha Graham's Modern Dance technique at Brooklyn College for 2 years and Belly Dance for a year in the dancer's apartment in Greenwich Village, New York. I left dance for a CPA career, a husband and 2 great kids who are now 30 & 25. In the last 15 years, I gave up my corporate career and returned to dance full time, it's my passion. That's how I got the courage to leave a lucrative career and open the Goddess Store & Studio. Belly Dance Education: Maja the Girl from the Nile my mentor & dance teacher in all the genres of bellydance for over 7 years. I also studied Belly Dance with Myriam Eli , Scheherazade, Jeri Beaucaire, Effy & now Maria Jammal. I am currently the Managing Director of Goddess Studio's Professional Belly Dance Troupe Almaas of South Florida and also one of their dancers. I have attended many workshops with some of the best dancers in the world. Among them:Tamalyn Dallal, Leila Hadad, Domba, Raquia Hassan, Virginia, Bozenka, Amar Gammal, Samay and many others. Flamenco Dance: Studying for over 8 years with Miguelangel , Paola Escobar, Niurca Marquez, Adela Green, Josefina Espinola, Mayelu Perez and now with Juan Sobrino from Spain. In addition, I have taken many flamenco workshops in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain and in the USA with Belen Maya, Omayra Amaya, Juan Parra, Chiqui de Jerez, Andres Pena & Juan Tejero.

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