Carlos Fuenmayor

 Carlos Fuenmayor born in Maracaibo-Venezuela in 1977
Fine Artist and Caricaturist, Carlos Fuenmayor making Caricatures and/or satirical portraits
and paintings in essence PoP Surrealism.

After a short but intense incursion into the art of the Master’s hand Pedro Leon Zapata in Venezuela ( 2007),
Carlos began to see the greatness of communicating through the visual arts.

When He emigrated to America, hunger and His family was a big motivation to begin to develop His art
and try in the future to make a living from art.

Carlos started as a caricaturist at Universal Orlando Resorts,
working in parallel on other jobs that had nothing to do with art but at the same time gave Him
the push to further develop His artistic skills and devote to the caricatures full time.

In 2009, Carlos started working as a caricature artist in the theme park Sea World, where he met incredible artists,
each with completely different visions and techniques;
after a conversation of art with his former boss Dino Castterline, Carlos decided to take seriously the art world.

Early 2010 Carlos stared a new job at Disney World Resorts and Disney Animal Kingdom
as a Caricaturist working with 41 artists more,
Again, interaction with other artists, enriched his knowledge and stimulated new artistic trends
that today applied in his works

He currently runing his own company called Fuenmayor Art drawing caricatures at parties and special events,
and for almost two years he trying to introduce to the world his Pop

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