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Addison Wolff

In my ceramic practice, I explore the external morphology of caudex-forming, caudiciform plants as analogous to the queer self-preserving act of armoring one’s self from humiliation and prejudice in hostile environments. Delaying photosynthetic growth during adversarial times, caudiciform plants swell and contort as their stems swell with water; this constructed ‘armor’ is a survival mechanism until the conditions are conducive for allowing one to freely express their true identity. Utilizing a slab-coil method of hand-building construction, these pieces are the amalgamation of large hollow tubes, giving into the natural entropy of the material to dictate connection and form.

Employing broken color of natural and urban hues, reveals the pervious expressions during this journey of finding oneself, as we dissect our true self from our learned self. Breaking the construct of the caudex, one is ‘out of the closet’ or chrysalis, yet continues on their journey of discovering one’s self. Employing queer aesthetics, as well as materials sourced from the gay community, e.g. 501 jeans, hankies, uric acid, fetish gear, vintage pornography, these objects are artifacts of the journey to authenticity and of the discovery of one’s community.



  • yellow/denim oil stick, oil pastel, oil, denim, flashe, synthetic polymer, on ceramic 16 x 14 x 12.

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