MAD Arts Galleries

481 S. Federal Hwy, Dania Beach, FL 33004

10am – 8pm

Extended viewing until 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights

Featured Artist: David Carson

Remains by David Carson

RMNS (Remains) is an immersive 3D projection mapping experience that delves into the work of legendary artist and graphic designer David Carson. RMNS invites the audience to glimpse into Carson’s mind as they explore his past, current, and future work, along with design experiments that highlight his creative process.

David Carson is a renowned graphic designer and contemporary artist whose unconventional style revolutionized the American graphic design scene during the 1990s.

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Featured Artist: Susan Narduli

States of Matter by Susan Narduli

States of Matter by Susan Narduli of the award-winning Los Angeles-based architecture and design practice Narduli Studio, reimagines the physical world as a virtual experience that makes visible the complex phenomena of matter and invites viewers to find their place within the worlds we inhabit. Employing custom algorithms to produce individual “behaviors” based on observable and unobservable states of matter, States of Matter’s generative animations create a poetic expression of the foundational principles of the physical world, reconceptualized as a virtual experience.

Narduli works at the intersection of art, architecture and technology and imagines a future based on the synergistic evolution of physical and virtual environments. She has completed commissions in public art, public spaces, architecture, virtual environments, interactive experiences, museum installations, light and sound environments and landscapes.

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Featured Artist: Edison Peñafiel

MAREMAGNVM by Edison Peñafiel

South Florida artist Edison Peñafiel addresses the migrant experience with a large-scale immersive installation containing a vast and undulating seascape that surrounds viewers on all sides. It is populated by 14 boats and 81 larger-than-life characters who are navigate a never-ending journey in which they are caught in a perpetual loop of their video universe, arriving back where they began, continually heading against the waves.

 Peñafiel’s work focuses on video and immersive, site-specific, multimedia installations that create surreal echoes of our world. Informed by his own life, he centers the migrant as a subject. His practice channels migrant narratives in order to transmit to the viewer the reality behind the experience of marginalization. 

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