Meet the 2021 Broward County Artist Support Grantees

Introducing the newest recipients of Broward Cultural Division’s Artist Support Grant! Learn about the artists who are receiving funding support for their upcoming artistic projects, which will each include a free community event.

Broward Cultural Division awards the Artist Support grant to individual artists in three cycles throughout the year (Summer, Fall, and Winter). The award is designed to be flexible and accessible to encourage career advancement through creativity, innovation, and sustained commitment to artistic work.

To learn more about the Artist Support grant and the upcoming Winter cycle application workshops and deadline, visit

Summer Cycle 2021 Award Recipients

Jose Veliz

Project: ‘Do We Control Nature?’ is an original interactive musical and visual installation.

Jose Veliz is an award-winning composer, performer, interactive artist, and technologist from Guatemala, currently based in South Florida. He has written musical compositions and arrangements for live performances, films, and other media projects, and the creation of interactive art experiences revolving around music and sound.


Dennica Pearl Worrell

Project: ‘Farms of Broward County’ is a collection of 30 photographs and a short documentary film.

Dennica Pearl Worrell, a Barbadian and Filipino visual artist, musician, and writer, uses photography, video, writing and music to explore the intersection of culture and nature. Vivid wildlife, rare flowers, tropical landscapes, and portraits of people of color in lush environments are common subjects featured in her visual work.


Jen Clay

Project: ‘Monster Blanket” is a public project that includes creating a white quilted textile – a form of free motion quilting.

Jen Clay creates elaborate installations and performances which feature non-human forms which speak to the audience through audio or sewn messages to make fear, anxiety, and uncertainty approachable.


Darius Daughtry

Project: ‘Black Odes, Volume I’ is part album, part short film collection and part performance. 

Darius V. Daughtry fell in love with words at the age of six. It was then, that he used to write and draw his own comic books. While the pictures left a little to be desired, being able to paint pictures with words was a passion that soon began to blossom. Darius has been marrying the pen to the paper ever since.


Andrea Huffman

Project: ‘Listening to the Sky’ will consist of creating a new body of work based on various bird species that are either native or migrate to South Florida.

After attending the High School of Art and Design in New York City, Andrea Huffman moved to Florida, and received a Master’s Degree in Art Education from Florida International University. She taught art for 31 years in Broward County Public Schools and retired from full time teaching in 2011 to pursue her own art practice.


Janey Joseph

Project: a community screening of a short documentary, ‘She Had a Dream: Eula Johnson’s Fight to Desegregate Broward County’.

Janay Joseph is a filmmaker based in South Florida. Her professional interests include historical studies, documentary filmmaking, film studies, and communications. She is a life-long Broward County resident, and hopes to create more films in the future.


Dana Kleinman

Project: ‘Obstruction Immersion’ is an installation of sculptural works using repurposed/recycled materials.

Dana Kleinman of the artist/sister collaboration “KX2” creates mathematically inspired sculpture merging metal and painting. From a distance the work is bold and geometric, yet up close the viewer is engaged by textural hand-sanded metal and multi-layered paintings.


Samuel Lopez De Victoria

Project: ‘Florida Dog’ is a public interactive virtual reality piece, in which viewers experience dog friendly locations across Broward through the perspective of a tropical canine.

Samuel Lopez De Victoria is a visual artist creating bright and eccentric interactive digital artwork and video games. Samuel uses game technology and devices along with his bold vector illustrations to create media-based interactive narratives and experiments dissecting the concepts of mythology.


Daniel Marosi

Project: ‘Word Up Art Enrichment Program’ is a five-week art curriculum to connect students to contemporary art exhibitions at regional museums.

Born and raised in Northern Ohio, Daniel Marosi has maintained a dynamic studio practice while working in the creative fields of graphic design, scenic design and animation for network television. His visual investigations center on the power of words and phrases, challenging their implicit authority and the reliance of spirituality and faith to form personal perceptions of reality.


Myrna Meeroff

Project: ‘Survivors Stroll’ shares a story of survival and playing music for survivors of rape and incest.

Myrna Meeroff is an Argentine born musician, singer and dancer. She began her artistic career as a writer of poems, songs and stories then began ballet, tap and jazz. She has been a member of the Miami City Ballet Orchestra, Florida Grand Opera, Southwest Florida Symphony, Boca Symphonia, and the Florida Classical Orchestra. 


Tara Chadwick-100

Project: Proyecto Papalotl will inspire high quality, transformative experiences through traditional  Mesoamerican drumming, dance and storytelling.

Tara Chadwick is an interdisciplinary traditional artist interested in developing and sharing her knowledge of the indigenous history of our region through transformative dance and visual art installations integrated with live sound, movement and spoken word.


Nicole Perry

Project: ‘KINesphere’ is a moveable feast. The performance will include professional dancers in outdoor settings, with the audiences moving between locations.

Nicole Perry is an intimacy choreographer and coordinator, as well as director and choreographer in South Florida. Nicole founded Momentum Stage, a non-profit, to provide affordable resources in best practices and professional development for performing artists and teachers. Nicole is an adjunct professor of dance at the University of Miami.


Vicki Rosenthal

Project: A project for the YMCA Sistrunk, in which an inside wall mural of shoes will be hand-painted with meaningful images from the residents of the Sistrunk community.

Vicki Rosenthal is a social impact visual artist on a mission to advance advocacy through authentic art. Vicki creates custom art products to include distinctive designs on apparel, for public art exhibitions and installations, and community art services, coordinated art programs and workshops.


Mahmood Shafiq

Project: ‘Under the Umbrella’ is a series of short films designed to bring diversity and equity to the film industry by creating a collaborative space. The plan is to screen the films with live music.

Mahmood Omar Shafiq is a Pakistani writer, director, filmmaker, cinematographer and editor. He is currently working on several new projects, including a documentary set in Antarctica and a series of short films.



Cheryl Brown

Project: ‘ArtStART 2022’ is a professional development program, consisting of workshops and exhibits for “career-track” visual art students in grades 10-12.

Ceramic artist Cheryl Brown, an active resident of Fort Lauderdale’s FATVillage, received her M.F.A. from Amsterdam’s Gerrit Reitveld Academie. Her work has been featured in South Florida, in her native Midwest, and in galleries and art collections throughout Europe.


Nicole Yarling

Project: ‘Looking Through My Brother’s Eyes’ will consist of original compositions, poetry, imagery and dance, and will include a discussion with mental health professionals.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Nicole Yarling has called South Florida home for over forty years. The violinist, vocalist, composer, mentor, and curator has received numerous awards because of her talent, passion, and dedication to young people.